About IAGS

IAGS is open for all. The site is mainly developed for the benefit of students, research scholars and Academicians. The research papers presented in the seminars, symposia, workshops and conferences can be posted here for the benefit of others who have not attended and to give wide publicity of the papers. It will be working as a platform for discussion on researches carried out by various scientific organizations and Universities all over the world. Papers are invited from all fields of sciences and especially from the Geology and its allied subjects. The published papers in other journals may also be posted here provided they send a copy of the permission letter from the publishers as they are copyrighted. Review articles and research papers are invited from all branches of science and scientific community. Registration is free and is a must for free download of the papers.

A gallery also is provided to post some of the interesting photos/images and posters, brochures of seminars and symposia, workshops and conferences etc., to give wide publicity.